von der Ohe

Co-Founder, CEO


You come across an opportunity to positively impact societies around the globe maybe once in your lifetime. An opportunity to truly make a difference. Our unique approach to autonomous driving gives us this chance: redefining how people move in a better way. Building and shipping a product with this great team is what drives me day and night.


Launched Zoox’ first self-driving vehicle on public streets as leading Technical Program Manager in Silicon Valley, launched Amazon’s first Echo as leading Technical Program Manager on Device Software, Founded two (funded) mobility companies. M. Sc. Management Science and Engineering, Stanford University.


Co-Founder, VP Engineering


Building products together with an amazing team based on cutting-edge technology to serve a greater purpose and solve problems – for the people, for our planet.


Manager of an engineering team in Silicon Valley to build autonomous shuttles, built teams and various mobility products: electric race cars, e-motorcycles, light electric vehicles, electric passenger vehicles, including one of the most successful electric delivery vehicles in Germany. RWTH Aachen, Imperial College London.


Co-founder, Director Teledrive Experience


Vay is aiming to launch the first vehicle without a safety driver on public roads in Europe. This involves exciting engineering challenges, many of which have never been worked on before, ranging from autonomous vehicle technology, cybersecurity, backend, machine learning and safety-critical SW. Coming up with engineering solutions to these topics is something that I’m super excited to work on at Vay.


Team Lead at Microsoft, Senior Software Engineer at Skype. M. Sc. in Computer Science from Belgrade University.


Director of Engineering Operations


Working closely with people from different cultures and professional backgrounds (hardware, software, operations, etc.) gives me the chance to learn new ways of approaching projects, structuring teams, and setting up processes every day. The results of this incredible teamwork are hugely rewarding, and visible in each step of our product.


Part of the management circle at AUDI AG, responsible for the implementation of prototypes at early development stages of new products (innovation vehicles, concept and pre-series vehicles, show cars, design models, testing single parts, PoCs, 3D-printing)


Safety Advisor


All my professional life I have been working for the protection and safety of people and the environment. I want to further provide safe and user-friendly automation systems for our future mobility needs.


25+ years experience in system safety at Conti., Mando, Bosch. Led the VDA working group in Germany to create ISO 26262 and influenced worldwide safety standardization. Author of several text books on functional safety.


VP - Business & Corporate Development


What drives me is to work on goals that have a big impact on society. Additionally, I wanted to work with the smartest and most innovative people in the tech world. That’s better at Vay than any other company I’ve spoken to recently.


Responsible for global strategic partnerships at Uber, where he focused on deals with automotive OEMs, vehicle fleet operators, vehicle battery technology companies and electrification infrastructure providers. Was CEO and chief growth officer at Quirk. Began his professional life at Morgan Stanley as a fixed income trader after studying economics and finance. Built the first startup incubator in Africa in 2002 and has been mentoring founders of technology startups for over ten years. He is an angel investor in software technology and holds board positions in some of these companies.


Director of Communications


What drives me is to start something from scratch and use all my experience to find the best way to communicate our exciting story. I believe my work can have an impact on how people feel about more sustainable transportation options.


Worked for 15 years in leading communication agencies such as fischerAppelt and Ketchum in Germany and the UK for various brands and companies from FMCG to travel to mobility. Holds an MBA in Communication & Leadership from Quadriga University as well as a Master degree in History, Sociology and Media & Art Studies from University of Constance.


US General Manager


We’re close to letting users experience the Vay Magic for the first time in Las Vegas and I know that they are going to find it a compelling mix of great value powered by a super slick in-app experience. It’s awesome to have the opportunity to take this piece of underlying tech (remote driving) and build an experience around it that users will use, love and tell their friends about.


Co-founded and served as the Global General Manager of Uber Rent & Valet, a new mobility investment by Uber. Lead the Global Vehicles team at Uber, overseeing critical planning and P&L responsibilities. Built Uber’s vehicles business in Latin America from the ground and managed the customer-facing financial services business across Sub-Saharan Africa. Lead international financial services strategy engagements with the Boston Consulting Group for John Deere, focusing on regions like Brazil, Africa, and India. Owns a Masters of Business Administration of Duke University.


VP - Product Design and Brand


Building the future of mobility, which is sustainable and truly serving the needs of people, by creating a holistic experience, a relatable brand and shaping services that are going to make a difference to how we move within and between cities.


Head of Global Design at N26, Senior Lead Designer at IDEO, in-car interactions for Volkswagen.


Senior Principal Software Engineer


After having worked in autonomous robotics research for a long time in the Silicon Valley, I am thrilled to be working at a company that is finally bringing this technology into people’s everyday lives.


Tech Lead at Google Tango in Mountain View, Research Engineer at Willow Garage, yoga instructor since 2018.


Lead Industrial Designer


What drives me at Vay is the enthusiasm and passion for a vision that is embedded in the company culture, and at the same time the strict discipline in its implementation.


Industrial Product Design Lead at TEAMS DESIGN GmbH for over six years, started as a Trainee in Shanghai City. Worked as Industrial and Product Designer at LOTHAR BOHM ASSOCIATES LIMITED, Lutz Herrmann Design, Indeed Innovation and Werksdesign.


Director of Software Engineering


Helping engineers to do their best and most important work. Elegance in software. Bringing ideas from books to real life and from one domain to another. Going from A to B fast.


Software Generalist. Maps and Mobility Geek (Lon, Lat not Lat, Lon). High Load at Yandex, Geo Analytics and Last Mile at HERE Maps, Mobility Platform at Daimler. Conway’s Law Enthusiast.




A car enthusiast, driven by cars, driving and technology.


Nursery school teacher. Driver at Skoda’s start-up Caredriver.


Head of Operations


What drives me at Vay is the magic. That daily feeling that every small step forward, every single improvement, every small success is a step towards the final goal: to create something unique that will change the lives of many.


His 20+ years of experience in various mobility companies make him a great leader and KPI driven operator at Vay. Launched and ran various mobility services in 16+ cities, focused on free-floating car-sharing.

Breaking barriers & building bridges at vConnect!

Our Vay team spared no effort to realize our company-wide vConnect event, “Cultural Connect,” June 14-16 in Berlin.
It brought together our exceptional colleagues from over 30 different countries for days of excitement, collaboration and unforgettable moments! 

What was this “Cultural Connect” event about?

At our core, we believe in fostering a strong sense of community, collaboration and continuous learning. So Thomas von der Ohe (co-founder & CEO) Fabrizio Scelsi (co-founder & VP of Engineering) and Bogdan Djukic (co-founder & Director of Engineering, Teledrive Experience) invited everyone from the Vay team to spend multiple days together to connect, build and grow.

Every single one of our diverse Vay team comes to vConnect exactly as they are. Our colleagues from over 30 nations bring their different experiences, backgrounds, professions and interests to various growth and builder sessions, vTalks and evening events – to connect, build and grow together.

Builder and growth session

A  great example of a successful builder session is the hackathon, organized by Bogdan, where many of our experts from different fields came together to collaborate across teams on 34 hackathon ideas. After 1.5 days, they came up with 10 different hack pitches. By sharing expertise and developing project ideas together, our groups of professionals with unique skills and talents were able to create an incredible hub for creativity and innovation.

Further builder and growth sessions like our “Production escape room”, “Don’t fear the RegEx”, the Soccer sessions and the traditional Table Tennis Tournament gave us the opportunity to build trust with each other and work as a team to achieve a common goal.

We learn about each other’s culture

During our World Food Festival we experienced the culinary part of our various cultures. We shared homemade Indian Samosas, Dal Fry, and Brazilian Pao de Queijo, Goiabada and Brigadeiro as well as Italian Lasagne, Russian Blinis and many more delicious dishes.

At the Festival Mask Builder Session we got creative and prepared traditional and eye-catching accessories for our boat ride through Berlin with good music and lots of good conversations and laughter, before ending the glittering night at our rooftop party location.

vTalks and Keynote speeches

Next to the external Keynote from Pauline Stockmann (Co-Founder & Clinical Psychologist at Happy Clappy Club) about mental health and wellbeing and the  “Coffee Masterclass” by Angelica from Madre Coffee Roasters, our vTalks have been highlights in these days of togetherness. We learned from each other about:

💡”Unconscious bias in the workplace – How can we overcome it?”

💡”Winning – What separates the best”

💡“How to master LinkedIn”

💡“Hacking Tools in Disguise”

💡“Vay Teledrive Academy – Insights on daily teledriving operations”

💡“An Introduction to Vay’s Electronics”

These joint team days have strengthened relationships within and between teams, improved communication about ideas, feedback, or common interests, and fostered creativity and innovation. In addition, we had the opportunity to celebrate our different backgrounds, traditions, and perspectives and the impact of each individual team member. We acknowledged that “we came long vay”, looked back at what we achieved in the last months and looked forward to “what is coming our vay”.

It is safe to say that we created unforgettable experiences and magical memories!

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