von der Ohe

Co-Founder, CEO


You come across an opportunity to positively impact societies around the globe maybe once in your lifetime. An opportunity to truly make a difference. Our unique approach to autonomous driving gives us this chance: redefining how people move in a better way. Building and shipping a product with this great team is what drives me day and night.


Launched Zoox’ first self-driving vehicle on public streets as leading Technical Program Manager in Silicon Valley, launched Amazon’s first Echo as leading Technical Program Manager on Device Software, Founded two (funded) mobility companies. M. Sc. Management Science and Engineering, Stanford University.


Co-Founder, CTO


Building products together with an amazing team based on cutting-edge technology to serve a greater purpose and solve problems – for the people, for our planet.


Manager of an engineering team in Silicon Valley to build autonomous shuttles, built teams and various mobility products: electric race cars, e-motorcycles, light electric vehicles, electric passenger vehicles, including one of the most successful electric delivery vehicles in Germany. RWTH Aachen, Imperial College London.


Co-founder, VP Engineering & Teledrive Experience


Vay is aiming to launch the first vehicle without a safety driver on public roads in Europe. This involves exciting engineering challenges, many of which have never been worked on before, ranging from autonomous vehicle technology, cybersecurity, backend, machine learning and safety-critical SW. Coming up with engineering solutions to these topics is something that I’m super excited to work on at Vay.


Team Lead at Microsoft, Senior Software Engineer at Skype. M. Sc. in Computer Science from Belgrade University.


VP Programs and Engineering Operations


Working closely with people from different cultures and professional backgrounds (hardware, software, operations, etc.) gives me the chance to learn new ways of approaching projects, structuring teams, and setting up processes every day. The results of this incredible teamwork are hugely rewarding, and visible in each step of our product.


Part of the management circle at AUDI AG, responsible for the implementation of prototypes at early development stages of new products (innovation vehicles, concept and pre-series vehicles, show cars, design models, testing single parts, PoCs, 3D-printing)


CBO - Business & Corporate Development


What drives me is to work on goals that have a big impact on society. Additionally, I wanted to work with the smartest and most innovative people in the tech world. That’s better at Vay than any other company I’ve spoken to recently.


Responsible for global strategic partnerships at Uber, where he focused on deals with automotive OEMs, vehicle fleet operators, vehicle battery technology companies and electrification infrastructure providers. Was CEO and chief growth officer at Quirk. Began his professional life at Morgan Stanley as a fixed income trader after studying economics and finance. Built the first startup incubator in Africa in 2002 and has been mentoring founders of technology startups for over ten years. He is an angel investor in software technology and holds board positions in some of these companies.


Director of People


Driven by a passion for fostering vibrant organizational cultures, I am a seasoned leader specializing in People and Culture. Throughout my career journey, I’ve championed initiatives to empower teams, from crafting recruitment strategies aligned with core values to implementing data-driven processes for optimal People Operations.


My background spans roles where I’ve spearheaded the establishment of People departments from scratch and led teams through significant growth. I thrive on continuous learning, embracing remote/hybrid cultures and cutting-edge HR technologies. I leadled innovative solutions to optimise processes and initiatives that rewarded InfoJobs a “Best Place to Work”.
Outside of work, my passions for mountains and my dog, reflect my eagerness to explore the wild and love for 4-legs companions.


Senior Principal Software Engineer


After having worked in autonomous robotics research for a long time in the Silicon Valley, I am thrilled to be working at a company that is finally bringing this technology into people’s everyday lives.


Tech Lead at Google Tango in Mountain View, Research Engineer at Willow Garage, yoga instructor since 2018.


Lead Industrial Designer


What drives me at Vay is the enthusiasm and passion for a vision that is embedded in the company culture, and at the same time the strict discipline in its implementation.


Industrial Product Design Lead at TEAMS DESIGN GmbH for over six years, started as a Trainee in Shanghai City. Worked as Industrial and Product Designer at LOTHAR BOHM ASSOCIATES LIMITED, Lutz Herrmann Design, Indeed Innovation and Werksdesign.


Director of Software Engineering


Helping engineers to do their best and most important work. Elegance in software. Bringing ideas from books to real life and from one domain to another. Going from A to B fast.


Software Generalist. Maps and Mobility Geek (Lon, Lat not Lat, Lon). High Load at Yandex, Geo Analytics and Last Mile at HERE Maps, Mobility Platform at Daimler. Conway’s Law Enthusiast.




A car enthusiast, driven by cars, driving and technology.


Nursery school teacher. Driver at Skoda’s start-up Caredriver.


Director of Legal


I’m passionate about leveraging technology to democratize transportation and revolutionize the mobility landscape.


Senior Counsel Product & Strategy at Uber handling catastrophic loss claims and litigation, 13 years of experience in product & safety advising and risk mitigation, J.D. University of Illinois at Chicago.

Ush, Poppy and Vay partner to roll out teledriving into Poppy’s car-share fleet in Belgium

  • Teledriving startup Vay is partnering with Ush, a Belgian operator of driverless vehicles, and car-share provider Poppy, the largest provider in Benelux – both subsidiaries of D’Ieteren.  
  • The partnership will illustrate how car-share operators can leverage teledriving technology, via a roll-out of remote driving tech across Poppy’s 2,300-strong fleet.  
  • This will showcase how vehicles can be delivered on demand, redistribute and taken to cleaning and charging – in the most cost-effective way. 
  • The partnership will help Poppy improve fleet operations efficiency, maximize vehicle occupancy, and attract new customers with novel teledrive-enabled service features.

Brussels / Berlin – 5th JuneVay, the developer of automotive-grade technology for teledriving, is partnering with Ush and Poppy – subsidiaries of D’Ieteren,  to rollout remote driving in Poppy’s 2,300+ car-share fleet.

The partnership will demonstrate how teledriving can boost margins and market size for car-share operators. This tie-up will focus on increasing fleet operations efficiency, and launching new teledrive-enabled convenience features. This includes vehicle redistribution and maintenance. 

The partnership will also highlight how teledriving can increase overall electric vehicle occupancy. The adoption of teledriving can increase the amount of time vehicles are in use by as much as 200%, allowing car-share operators to service more demand without increasing fleet size. 

The launch is subject to permit approval. The intention is to begin on-road operations in Belgium this year.

Vay’s teledriving technology enables a person (“the teledriver”) to drive a vehicle remotely (“teledriving”), via a console at a local teledrive center. Vay is the first company to drive cars without a person inside on public roads in Europe, and globally, only the second company currently operating a commercial service. 

Teledriving is set to revolutionize the business model for car share companies, turning a traditionally challenging operation with razor-thin margins into a highly profitable one. Moreover, it will broaden the total addressable market (TAM) by providing novel and superior customer experiences that attract users currently opting for alternative transportation methods.

The transformative power of Teledriving lies in its ability to significantly reduce the costs associated with vehicle movement, impacting the business in two pivotal ways:

  1. Enhanced Maintenance Efficiency: Vehicles can be taken to facilities for cleaning, charging, and repairs, which cuts maintenance costs and ensures that cars are in optimal condition when customers use them. This capability supports a premium service model that can command up to 30% higher prices at lower costs. 
  1. Direct-to-Customer Delivery & Collection: car-share vehicles can be ordered by the customer, and then delivered to their location – without the user having to travel to a specific pick-up or drop-off location. Creating a frictionless, easy-to-use and affordable transportation solution. For car-share companies, this delivery-first model reduces the need for a costly retail footprint. The new service experience increases share and car-as-a-service TAM by roughly 3x by adding customers who otherwise opt for ridehail, public transport or private vehicle ownership to the consideration set. 

Justin Spratt, Chief Business Officer at Vay, commented:teledriving is the missing piece of the puzzle for car-share business operators.  We’re working with Poppy and Ush to unlock the full value that car-share needs to drive up efficiency and effectiveness for customers, and showcase how remote driving can increase profitability in a sector known for fine margins.”

Pierre de Schaetzen, CMO at Poppy, commented: “Vay’s best-in-class teledriving technology will help us increase efficiency, and improve the user experience for our car-sharing programme. We’re excited to partner with them to get the most out of our fleet – and to provide our customers with an exceptional service.”

Max Levandowski, CEO at Ush, commented: “we strongly believe that teledriving has the potential to unlock a new layer of value for car-as-a-service operators. Implementing remote driving can save vendors money, provide consumers with an invaluable service, and tackle inefficiencies. We’re thrilled to partner with Vay – who lead globally on remote driving technology and safety protocols.”

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2* Atomico Data Source


About Ush:

Ush, a subsidiary of D’Ieteren, founded in 2019 and now led by Max Levandowski, is dedicated to pioneering innovative mobility solutions. By leveraging autonomous and remote controlled technology, we aim to enhance the efficiency, safety, and sustainability of transportation services in Belgium and beyond.

About Poppy:

Poppy Mobility is Belgium’s leading shared mobility service, available in Antwerp, Brussels, Liège and at all Belgian airports. Users can download the Poppy application to reserve and start their trip with one of the 2500 freefloat vehicles. The system works with a price per minute or kilometer, per hour or day. Fuel and parking are included. More than 10 different vehicle models, electric and petrol, are available: sustainable city cars, high-end models or even vans can be rented through the application, without fixed stations.

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